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Accelerator (BioLean Accelerator™)
A blend of amino acids and Chinese herbs designed to extend and enhance the health and fitness effects that may be found by using BioLean Free. If you like BioLean Free, why not add the Accelerator to it? They go so well together!

BioLean II®
A dietary supplement emboding many Chinese herbal remedies to promote weight loss while maintaining excellent health and energy levels.

A herbal and nutritional supplement dedicated to health and fitness (including weight management) which is ephedra free. Just reading the ingredients makes me feel leaner and fitter already!

Clarity (*STEPHAN™ Clarity)
A blend of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which may help memory and concentration. Try it, you may like it!

DHEA Plus™
A unique mix of DHEA, ginko biloba and Bioperine(R) designed to make one feel good and "upbeat."

Elasticity (*STEPHAN™ Elasticity)
A mixture of vitamins, herbs and minerals designed to help improve skin and muscle tone. Try it and see what you think.

Elixir (*STEPHAN™ Elixir)
A mixture of key vitamins, trace elements, herbs and amino acids thought to enhance ones sense of vitality and youth. A great personal favorite of mine!

Essential (*STEPHAN™ Essential)
A blend of amino acids and key nutrients thought to enhance the general health of our tissues.

Feminine (*STEPHAN™ Feminine)
A mixture of key amino acids and other nutrients to aid the ever-changing female body. A personal favorite of mine.

Flexibility(*STEPHAN™ Flexibility)
A blend of nutrients thought to be beneficial to the health of joints and soft tissues. This supplement may be helpful to many people.

Food For Thought™
A rich lemon flavored drink mix of vitamins and trace nutrients. What a way to start the day! Think big and go get that "gold"!

A dietary supplement which can offer an effective addition to weight management programs which are designed to promote optimal weight loss and maintenance.

Lovpil (*STEPHAN™ Lovpil)
Composed of key nutrients considered to be of importance to male and female sexual function, the Lovpil can improve the overall quality of life and love and hence more enjoyment of life.

Masculine (*STEPHAN™ Masculine)
A blend of minerals, vitamins, herbs and amino acids formulated for the adult male, with the health of his prostate gland ever in mind.

A proprietary blend of creatine monohydrate, branch chain amino acids and vanadyl sulfate designed to enhance athletic performance.

Contains vitamins, trace nutrients and special herbal extracts to help shield our bodies against many of the ills that can beset us. This is a personal favorite of mine, since I often forget to eat all the "right" things.

This supplement is designed as a primary source of protein (with fiber included) which can be easily absorbed and efficiently utilized by the body. Athletes "go for it" and people on fat loss programs "love it". It is so smooth, rich and easy to prepare.

Protector (*STEPHAN™ Protector)
A mixture of amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins which could aid our immune systems.

Relief (*STEPHAN™ Relief)
A blend of nutrients formulated to aid our digestive and excretory systems.

A unique blend of herbs and nutrients which may curb appetite, enhance sleep quality and improve ones mood and hence ones outlook on our ever-changing lifestyle.

A wonderful mix of traditional herbs to help us feel calm, if not sleepy, so we can get the rest we so need in our lives today.

A blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to help promote endurance, stamina and recovery during atheletic activity and fitness programs.

Tranquility (*STEPHAN™ Tranquility)
A blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids aimed to improve the body's ability to manage stress. Perhaps this will become a favorite supplement of your.

A citrus flavored drink mix of trace elements and vitamins. Add it to your Food For Thought ™ mix to give long time energy or is it "getup and go" power to your thoughts! Start the day out right and keep going through all the hours.

*STEPHAN™ BIONUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS - originally designed by and for the STEPHAN Clinic in London.

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