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Why am I the experts' expert?
Although sometimes working in a peripheral field, since my teens, I have made trace elements my special field of interest and study. That is close to 50 years experience and expertise plus book-learning -- what a combination!

I have had as personal friends many of the early giants in the field, Harry Schroeder (I treasure a complete set of preprints, often with a hand written note), Isabel Tipton (I called her my American mother), George Cotzias (that wonderful bear of a man, who spoke the most perfect English, must have been all that Greek training), D.P. de Villiers (who did so much to prevent pre-eclampsia with his vitamin and trace element pills, when the Cape Flats was the eclampsia captital of the world in the 1950s), Lesley Bidstrup (still active in the UK courts in her mid-80s), Prof Kench (of early cadmium fame, who was one of my PhD examiners and welcomed me back with a hug 20 years later) and just so many more!

I was a founding-charter member of SEGH (Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health), back in the 1960s. I have attended more select conferences (often international), than I care to remember, although there were always humerous moments and it was delightful to make new friends and hug old ones. I have walked mining sites, both ancient and modern. I have observed in the field many sorts of major occupational and environmental problems. I have been the external reviewer of key governmental and international reviews in several countries for over 30 years. Name it and I have very probably done it!

Knowledge can be a very precious gift. So email me!

Why do I charge?
I have sadly learned that people, businesses, governments and agencies equate money charged with value given. Therefore, free help has no value in their eyes. Very sad but unfortunately true.

Will I tell you if I cannot help you?
Definitely, why waste your time and mine. Time is too precious to waste in this run-run-run era!

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