(The spelling varies over the years, including Warin and Warom)

Jervis d 1684 begat

Jervis d 1724 (m) Susan Rogers begat

Robert 1694-1780 (m) Elizabeth Shipman begat

John 1724 - d. after 1785 (m) Mary Cobb begat

Gervas 1764-1834 joined the Royal Artillery (RA) & made it to Sergeant (m1) probably in Gibralter, the returned to his hometown (m2) Mary Barber daughter of Agnes. They had at least 5 children who lived to adulthood. These were:

William 1801-1887 (m) Sarah Butterworth - he was a RA drummer boy at Waterloo & made it to Sergeant before retiring in Canada. He had one son and 4 daughters.

Henry 1803-1846 (m) Frances Shaw, he made it to RA Sergeant and retired in England, they had at least 2 daughters and 2 sons that lived to adulthood. Both sons joined the army, one made it to Sergeant, it is not clear what happened to the other.

John 1809-1906 (m) Catherine (Kitty) Egan 1820-1865, he also made it to RA Sergeant and retired in South Africa. Their son William 1843-1874 died of smallpox on the Kimberley Diamond Fields. Their daughter Harriet 1839-1906 married a builder John Murrell 1824-1873. They were my great grand parents.

Ann born 1813 married a bookseller Charles Fraser Kinnear.

Matha born1824 had a daughter by William McKay a shoemaker & the married a RA soldier James Sandison. Home Page