Robert Farrar d. 1525 begat

John of Cottingley 1475-1549 begat

William the older of Oates Royd 1499-1585 begat

Henry the older of Acker 1529-1605 begat

Henry the younger of Acker 1558-1605 begat

John of Acker 1586-1635 (m1) Priscilla Leach; (m2) Elizabeth Helliwell begat

Jacob of Sload 1626-1697 (m) Sarah Holdsworth, who inheritted Sload and other property. The Sload house had JSF 1662 over the door. Their 7 children who lived to adulthood were:

George d. 1704 the Tavern keeper
Sarah (m) Jonas Foster the older
John of Cliffe Hill 1662-1726 (m) Elizabeth Currer
Jacob of Midgely b. 1663 (m) Deborah Masker
Abraham 1666-1708 (m) Martha Wade
Isaac of Popplewell 1668-1740 (m) Phoebe Clay
Jonathan Clockmaker of Sinderhills 1671-1743 (m) Martha Akeroyd

The 2 lines I will list are that of Jacob of Midgely from whom Sir George Herbert Farrar (Bt) the Rand mining magnate was descended and Jonathan the clockmaker of Sinderhills from whom Lord Montgomery was descended. First, Lord Montgomery's line.

JONATHAN FARRAR 1671-1743, Clockmaker of Sinderhills (m) Martha Akeroyd and they had at least 3 sons - Jonathan, John and Abraham.

John (m) Ann Ettenfield of Ovenden and they had at least 5 sons - John of Doncaster, Jonathan of Halifax, Thomas, Benjamin and Joseph.

John of Doncaster 1735-1825 (m1) Rebecca Longsdale and had a son John and several daughters by her & (m2) Hannah Hartley, by whom he had 6 sons and 2 daughters.

John 1758-1815, was a Captain in the Pilot Service of the East india Company. He married Sarah Pinhorn and had 3 sons, including Charles Pinhorn and 2 daughters by her. They separated in1801but reconcilled in 1813. He also had 5 children by Mary Hare, all of whom used the Farrar surname.

Charles Pinhorn Farrar 1799-1877 was a chaplain to a mission church near Bombay. He (m1) Caroline Turner and had 3 sons by her, including Frederick William and then (m2) Caroline Griffith and had a son and 2 daughters by her.

Frederick William Farrar 1831-1903 (Dean of Canterbury, author of Eric or Little by Little) (m) Lucy Mary Cardew and had 10 children by her. These are: Reginald Anstruther Farrar 1861-1921 MD
Evelyn Lucy (m) Rev John Shearne Thomas
Hilda Cardew (m) Rev John Stafford Northcote
Maud (m) Bishop Sir Henry Hutchinson Montgomery - they had 6 sons & 3 daughters of whom Bernard Law was the third son and fourth child.
Rev Eric Maurice Farrar
Sibyl (m) Rev Edwin Sidney Savage
Cyril Lytton Farrar died young
Lilian (m) Dr John Darlington
Rev Federick Percival Farrar, put out of the church & joined the Foreign Legion
Rev Ivor Grenville Farrar
(4 grandsons of Frederick William Farrar died in WWI and there is a memorial window to them).

Sir George Herbert Farrar's line: JACOB FARRAR (son of Jacob of Sload & Sarah Holdsworth) in 1682 (m) Deborah Maskew - they had at least 2 children, Sarah & John born 1686.

John in1709 (m) Mary Procktor & they had 5 sons (John, James, William, Luke & Isaac) and 2 daughter (Anne & Sarah).

James in 1734 (m) Judith Mitchell of Sowerby & they had 5 sons (Mark, Luke, John, James & William) & 3 daughters (Mary, Elizabeth & Susan)

Luke Farrar of Sowerby in 1763 (m) Mary Farrar & they had 6 sons (John, James, Abraham, Isaac, William & Luke) and one daughter (Hannah).

John 1766-1837 (latter become Rev John the older) in 1786 (m) Hannah Eccles & they had 6 children, namely;

Rev Abraham Eccles Farrar 1788-1849 (m1) Ann Hudson and had 2 sons (John Hudson Farrar born 1812 died after 1881, a chemist & Rev Wesley Farrar) and 2 daughters by her, then (m2) Elizabeth Storey and had a son (Canon Adam Storey Farrar) by her.

Jemima born 1797 - alive 1881 (m) Moses Wilkenson Whitehead (ship owner). They had several daughters, including 3 who married, but no sons.

Luke1800-1864 MD (m) Hannah Duce, had one daughter who married, but was quickly widowed.

Rev John Farrar the younger 1802-1884 (m) Sophia Matilda Martindale, and they had 2 daughters, one of whom married & 3 sons (John Martindale 1827-1893, cleric, schoolmaster and journalist married twice & had 4 sons (the one that was by his second wife died young, whereas another died in WWI and a third went to Australia); Charles 1833-1896 MD had 4 sons (Harry 1856-1917, Capt. John Percy 1857-1929, Sir George 1859-1915 & Rev Charles 1860-1931) and William 1836-1885 had 6 sons (John 1864-1928, Charles 1866-1899, Frank 1868-1891, Walter 1871-1872, Martindale 1876-1876 & James 1878-1938) and 3 daughters in Australia).

Mary Ann 1804-1875 (m1) William Hardwich & had 4 sons and 2 daughters & then (m2) Henry Oxley

Hannah 1808-1873 (m1) John Turner, had a son & daughter by him, but only the daughter married, namely, Margaret Ann to James Oxley, son of Henry. Hannah (m2) the twice widowed Rev Willson Brailsford. Home Page