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ASTHMA -- July 2003
While there is strong evidence that asthma may be in part a genetic condition, lifestyle factors may also be of influence.

A team from the Dutch National Institute of Public Health & the Environment analyzed the diet of about 3,000 two-year-olds. They found that those who ate full cream milk & butter on a daily basis &/or brown bread were less likely to develop asthma - BBC 1 July 2003 from the journal Thorax. (It is still uncertain at what age it is best to switch children to lower fat milk).

A research project at Cambridge University, England indicates that regular consumption (1 portion per week) of "oily" fish, such as mackeral or salmon could help protect against asthma - BBC 6 Dec 2002 from the British Thoracic Soc meeting. (It is already known that "oily" fish may help protect against heart disease, arithritis, psoriasis & dementia).

Green tea, discovered 5,000 years ago in China, has long been thought to be beneficial in the prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke & infections. (The "power" of black tea is still under discussion). Now a team of researchers at Sheffield, England have found that 2 compounds present in green tea, namely, epigallocatchin gallate and epicatechin gallate, may be helpful in osteoarithritis by blocking the enzyme which destroys joint cartilage - BBC 15 Feb 2003 (Partially funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign, UK).

The Waltham Centre for Pet Care in Leicestershire, England is developing a pet food to help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. The Maoris in New Zealand have traditionally found that green lip mussels relieved the swelling & pain associated with joint diseases. Scientists believe that this effect is due to the fatty acids and antioxidants present in these mussels. Some human supplements contain extracts from these mussels & now it is hoped to use some of the mussel waste products for a dog health supplement - BBC 9 Sept 2002

DYSLEXICS -- July 2003
There are a number of types of dyslexia. However, Prof. John Stein, who runs free clinics for children in Oxford & Reading, England has found that 30% of the dyslexics can improve their reading with yellow glasses. Further more, he believes that many more may be helped if they were to use blue glasses. The reason for these findings is still not clearly understood. Further research is pending, one hopes - BBC 2 July 2003. Home Page